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The Partnership That’s Making 1000+ Homes Warmer with RE:GEN & believe housing

Regeneration specialist, RE:GEN Group has been working with Durham based housing association, believe housing on a project that’s so far resulted in 1186 properties becoming more energy efficient across the North East.

Two guests join us on The HIP in this episode. Ruth Dent – Director of Assets and Compliance at believe housing and Brian Bedford – Sustainability Director at RE:GEN Group. We discover how the two companies came together to deliver this outcome and the future plans for the project.

We also dive deep into how the project has impacted residents and the local
community. Communicating the benefits of regen activities to residents can be a challenge. Our guests give their thoughts on what we need to do to win them over.

Ruth gives insight into how they make use of local labour and the positive effects this has had on the local economy, the environment and workers’ well-being.

Ruth and Brian also give us insight into how they attract talent into their organisations, and how we can get the word out on the benefits of a career in housing.

In this episode, we cover:

  • How the partnership with RE:GEN Group & believe housing came about.
  • What does the next phase of the plan look like?
  • What were the key factors in choosing a delivery partner for believe housing?
  • The environmental and economic impacts of making use of local labour.
  • How to communicate regen projects to customers.
  • A touching story of the real impact that regen can have on people’s lives.
  • The importance of government messaging in winning over customers.
  • The obstacles in the way of delivering EPC C targets.
  • How do we get the word out on the benefits of working in the housing sector?