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Sinéad Butters, Chief Executive Officer at Aspire Group

Sinéad Butters, Chief Executive Officer at Aspire Group joins us this week to share her leadership expertise. We discover Sinéad’s fascinating journey into the housing sector and how Aspire has evolved over her 23 years tenure.

We speak about the power of taking risks and being willing to make bold moves. We learn how Aspire became an organisation that is prepared to take those risks and make difficult decisions. We speak about Covid and its delayed effects on the sector that we’re dealing with now. Sinéad also shares her thoughts on how to foster the right culture that enables people to be their best.

We discover the biggest challenge that Sinéad has faced during her time at Aspire so far, and how she dealt with it. We also squeeze in a couple of questions about Sinéad’s plethora of honours including her MBE, honorary doctorates and CEO of the year award!

In this episode, we cover:

  • How Sinéad almost missed the opportunity into the sector
  • The biggest challenges that are coming down the pipeline for the sector and how to weather them
  • Why are repairs and maintenance such a key focus for Aspire?
  • What would a world-class repairs service look like?
  • How has Covid affected the housing industry?
  • How Aspire is actively fostering a culture that shuns presenteeism
  • What do the next 18 months look like for Aspire?
  • Where does Sinéad’s drive and passion come from?