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Rural Housing Association Challenges with Gail Teasdale

Housing associations in rural areas have unique challenges compared with their urban counterparts.

In this episode, we speak with Gail Teasdale, Chief Executive at Broadacres Housing Association in North Yorkshire. She reflects on the last 5 years with Broadacres and her 20 years in the industry.

We dive deep into the challenges that rural housing associations commonly face today and how they’re working to overcome them. We learn about Broadacres’s corporate strategy and how focuses have shifted since Gail joined.

We speak about the difference between customer service and customer experience and what great examples of these look like in housing. Gail also gives insight into how Broadacres has digitalised in a way that still gives their customers a choice. We also find out how they’ve made their stock significantly more efficient across the board, while also bringing up the level of satisfaction and why building new homes is still essential.

In this episode, we cover:

  • The unique challenges faced by rural housing associations.
  • Broadacres corporate strategy.
  • The key difference between customer service and customer experience.
  • How the housing market has changed in North Yorkshire as a result of Covid.
  •  How Broadacres brought up the level of satisfaction for their re-let homes to 94%.
  • The education needed to ensure that residents get the most out of new energy technologies.
  • Why it’s essential to keep building new homes in North Yorkshire.