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Richard Hill – CEO of bpha

In this episode, we speak with CEO of bpha, Richard Hill. Richard shares with us his journey into his new role. We also learn about Richards’s tenure as vice chair of the G15 and get insight into the group’s inner workings.

Richard gives us an overview of where bpha stands today and what the organisation is planning on implementing in the near future. With the variety of locations that bpha serves, it’s unsurprising that they need to tailor their service to the different communities. We learn how bpha is staying connected with its residents through good communication and its ‘Community Hubs’

We also get Richards’s thoughts on the state of hybrid working and getting the balance right, as well as how to guide the culture of an organisation. We speak about professionalism in the sector and whether or not qualifications are a positive, or if they could have a negative impact on attracting talent. And Richard offers tips for aspiring leaders in housing and his thoughts on how we can attract more of them into the sector.

In this episode, we cover:

  • What has changed in the sector over the past 20 years?
  • Insights into the G15
  • How bpha is utilising its ‘Community Hubs’ to support residents and get them talking.
  • Have we got the balance right yet on hybrid working?
  • The part that regen is playing in bpha’s strategy.
  • Richard’s take on the key challenges the sector is facing.
  • Is professionalising the sector a positive move?
  • How do we get more people moving into the sector?