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Richard Ellis, Director of Sustainability at Peabody

We’re back with the ninth episode of The HIP with host James Leighton. Today we’re joined by Richard Ellis, Director of Sustainability at Peabody.

The Peabody Group is responsible for over 67,000 homes in London and the South East that house over 155,000 residents. Their mission is to help people live well while simultaneously attempting to tackle the carbon issue dominating the housing industry right now.

As Director of Sustainability, Richard tells our listeners about his 30-year business blueprint that foresees the company becoming completely carbon-neutral by 2050. 

Richard explains that proper education of the younger generation is the key to a more sustainable future, that sustainability doesn’t have to be expensive, and that we already have access to the majority of streams that we need to decarbonise housing – making it simpler than we may initially think.

Touching on the risks of carbon-neutral housing, the ‘heat island effect’ and the industry skills shortage, this episode is jam-packed with information that we all could benefit from. 

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