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Pushing Towards Net Zero with Tom Sowerby

Achieving net zero targets and making our homes more comfortable in the process is a net gain for everyone. Even so, it’s not always an easy sell. In this episode, we speak with Tom Sowerby, Customer Relationship Director at Wates.

Tom has a passion for sustainability, which comes across in his work with Wates. Tom goes into three key focuses – reaching net zero targets, fire safety and damp & mould. We discover how Wates is tackling these focuses.

We dive deep into the net zero agenda. We speak on the drivers for net zero carbon and how they relate to social housing. Unlike the more immediately tangible benefits of the Decent Homes Programme, the benefits from improvements made to homes under the net zero agenda can be less obvious to residents. Tom shares tips on how we can help residents understand those benefits.

We speak about the state of housing stock in the UK vs the rest of Europe and why UK housing stock is suffering. Tom also gives his views on the importance of government funding, and how organisations should be focusing their efforts if they want to secure their share. Finally, we go in depth on the skills shortage challenges that arise from these agendas and how we can ensure our people are prepared.

In this episode, we cover:

  • How the net zero agenda ties into social housing.
  • How organisations should be focusing their efforts in order to receive funding.
  • Tips on how to educate residents on the benefits of retrofitting.
  • How Wates is making the best use of its data.
  • Why do so many homes in the UK suffer from heat loss compared with the rest of Europe?
  • How do we plug the skills gap?