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Peter Jackson, Managing Director at Seddon Construction

In this episode of The HIP, our host James Leighton sat down with Peter Jackson – Managing Director of Seddon Construction. Seddon Construction operates in the northwest and midlands with 500 employees, half of which are tradespeople.

Numerous businesses fall under the Seddon umbrella that cover painting, retrofitting, property services and more, each with its own director. Seddon recently celebrated 125 years in business. It’s a family owned organisation with a rich history spanning four generations of families. Peter shared his experiences of the benefits and challenges of working for a family business. We spoke about the talent within the organisation and how Seddon nurtures and trains that talent to internally promote and increase loyalty to the company.

Seddon is a people first business and it’s clear from the support it provides to its staff. Peter also shared some insights into how he was able to progress to reach his position.

Tune in and discover the fascinating journey of Seddon!