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Nick Atkin, CEO Yorkshire Housing | Putting Tenants First, Agile & Flexible Working, Housing Crisis Action Plan

Welcome to the fourth episode of The Housing Industry Podcast (The HIP), with host James Leighton.

In this instalment of the show, James is joined by Yorkshire Housing’s CEO, Nick Atkin to discuss topics like solving the housing crisis, and how housing associations have shifted from the traditional 9-5 office work model in a matter of weeks.

Nick has been the CEO of Yorkshire Housing since 2019, and has an impressive track record of leading organisations through transformational change, driving performance improvement with a focus on maximising the untapped potential from businesses and people. A nationally renowned, inspirational leader, Nick embraces technology to deliver customer focussed, value for money, efficient, innovative working practices and solutions.

In 2020, Yorkshire Housing exceeded their goal of a flexible, primarily work-from-home business model 4 years early and this has not only invigorated the team, but it has also positively impacted their customer service offering.

Find out how Yorkshire Housing is making major progress and looking to the future of work and living in this thought-provoking episode of The HIP.

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