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Navigating The Industry In Times Of Great Change with Fiona Fletcher-Smith

We are facing an unprecedented rate of change and new challenges in our industry. It takes bravery and resilience to weather the storm and stay focused on the outcomes.

We sit down with Fiona Fletcher-Smith in this episode. Fiona is the Group Chief Executive at L&Q Group and is the current chair of the G15. She also held a 10-year role working with the Greater London Authority. We discover how she got into the industry and the changes that she’s seen in her 35 years of service.

We speak in depth about the biggest challenges that the UK faces today. Fiona gives her views on what we should be prioritising in order to solve the housing crisis and the skills shortages. We speak about the impacts that these chaotic times are having on our sector and we ask Fiona how she’s built a team with the resilience to weather the storm. We also find out Fiona’s plans for her G15 tenure.

Fiona gives us insights into where L&Q stands today and their ambitious plans for development and regen. We find out more about L&Q’s ongoing Major Works Investment Programme, which is the industry’s largest investment programme with almost £3 billion in spending planned over 15 years.

In this episode, we cover:

  • How the housing industry has changed in the past 35 years.
  • Why has homelessness in London and other urban areas increased so much?
  • An overview of L&Q Group and their development plans.
  • Cultivating a resilient team in times of great change and the importance of bravery as a leader.
  • Fiona’s views on how we can tackle the industry’s biggest challenges.
  • Getting clear on mergers vs. acquisitions.
  • What is Fiona going to use her G15 tenure for?
  • How we can bring more people into the housing sector.