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Modernising A Housing Association with Clare Budden

When Clare Budden joined ClwydAlyn Housing Association as Group CEO, she knew that change was sorely needed. Clare believes that social housing is a people-first industry, but staff satisfaction wasn’t where it should have been.

Since joining, the organisation has increased its housing stock by nearly a thousand and turnover from 40 million to 64 million. Staff satisfaction has also increased and the refreshed values of the organisation have been cemented throughout.

Clare shares with us the key changes that she made within ClwydAlyn that brought the organisation into the present day and helped instil trust from colleagues and customers.

Clare has a passion for the sector, and we discover the inspiration that led her to choose it and step into the Group CEO role.

We speak about the actions that ClwydAlyn is taking to give back to the community and support the most vulnerable. We also learn about the thirty new roles that ClwydAlyn are opening up and the trainee programme that aims to bring more graduates into the sector.

In this episode, we cover –

  • How a visit to an RAF station inspired Clare’s journey into housing.
  • How Clare was able to win back colleague’s trust and confidence when she joined the organisation.
  • Tips for organisations looking to improve their values and how to get them to stick.
  • The elements of private sector organisations that don’t work within a housing association.
  • ClwydAlyn’s unique approach to servicing its customers.
  • What’s next for ClwydAlyn over the next 5 years?
  • ClwydAlyn’s plans for 30 new roles.
  • Advice for those considering moving into the housing sector.