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Maintaining an Enduring Purpose with Michael Newey

An enduring sense of purpose is what keeps teams focused on achieving an
organisation’s vision. But keeping that purpose at the forefront for decades can be a challenge.

In this episode, we sit down with Michael Newey, Chief Executive of Broadland Housing Group. Michael celebrates his 20-year anniversary at Broadland this year and we take a look back at how the Norfolk-based housing association has evolved over the years.

Michael chose a career in housing. He’s a chartered surveyor by background and has found his home at Broadland. He shares with us his journey into the Chief Executive position, and his thoughts on what it is about the Group that has kept him aligned to its purpose.

Broadland has been around since 1963, and while a lot has changed over the years, its values have remained the same. Michael gives insight into how Broadland has digitised and evolved its offering to customers.

We speak about Michael’s time as Global President of RICS and Broadland’s involvement with the Independent East partnership. We talk about the homelessness challenges faced in Norfolk today and the solutions. We also get Michaels’s thoughts on professionalisation within the sector and get actionable advice for those looking to become leaders in housing.

In this episode, we cover:

  • Michael’s path to his Chief Executive position.
  • How have things changed in the sector and at Broadland Housing in the last 20 years?
  • What has kept Michael in the same organisation for 20 years?
  • The Independant East partnership and its impacts.
  • How Broadlands Housing has been able to evolve and improve its service over the years while retaining its focus and vision.
  • The homelessness challenge within Norfolk and the solutions.
  • Should housing managers have a professional qualification?
  • What are the skills needed for people to become leaders in the housing sector?