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Kate Davies, Chief Executive at Notting Hill Genesis

In this episode, we sit down with Kate Davies, Chief Executive of Notting Hill Genesis for a fascinating chat. Since starting in the housing sector as an administrator around 30 years ago, Kate’s career progressed through multiple CE roles before her 18 year tenure with Notting Hill Genesis. Notting Hill Genesis has grown significantly since Kate started, with real estate holdings totalling £21 billion. Kate gives us an insight into how Notting Hill Genesis has changed and grown over the last 30 years.

We speak about the organisation’s two-pronged approach – bringing in a significant profit to fund its charitable activities. Kate is also a passionate ambassador for and she shares her progressive approach to hiring for a more representative board.

And we ask Kate about the most difficult thing she’s ever executed in her career – the merger with Genesis.

We also cover:

● Why did Kate Davies step down from Notting Hill Genesis?
● Who will be taking over as Chief Executive?
● NHG’s in-house, end-to-end housing management system – WorkWise
● The issues with today’s interview process
● The Homes for Heroes scheme
● The process of being offered and accepting a CBE
● What does Kate hope NHG looks like in ten years?

And finally, don’t miss Kate’s top two insights at the end of the episode!