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John Verge, Chief Executive at Golden Lane Housing

In this episode of The HIP, our host, James Leighton is joined by Chief Executive of Golden Lane Housing – John Verge. Golden Lane Housing’s vision is “a world where everyone with a learning disability has opportunities to access good quality housing that meets their needs”, and John shares with us some of the amazing work that Golden Lane Housing is doing to make this happen.

The episode begins with how John got started in housing and the fascinating journey he took towards his appointment as Chief Executive. John goes over what it means to be fourth in the top one hundred non-for-profits, and how Golden Lane Housing has gone from 100 to almost 2500 tenants during his time with the organisation. John also shares his view on the supply and demand of housing for people with learning disabilities; the organisation’s key partners; how the provision of housing for people with learning disabilities can be improved and what’s in store for the future of the organisation.

Listen and become inspired by Golden Lane Housing’s mission!