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Helen McHale, Chief Executive & Carmel Chambers, Executive Director of Resources at Stockport Homes

The housing sector, like any sector, faces challenges and has made mistakes in the past. It’s how we react to those challenges and mistakes that define us. We speak with two Stockport Homes Group experts in this episode – Helen McHale, Chief Executive of Stockport Homes who has spent 38 years in social housing. And Carmel Chambers, Executive Director of Resources who holds a 17 years tenure with Stockport Homes.

We speak about some of the biggest challenges that the organisation has faced over the years. They remain humble about the poor performance and reputation that Stockport had when Helen stepped into the role. Helen and her team turned the organisation around and she shares with us how they did it and what the key turning points were.

Stockport Homes enter Best Companies every year to keep themselves accountable for ensuring staff are motivated and feel a sense of belonging. Helen and Carmel give insight into how they’ve kept up the multi-award-winning status and how they’re changing the way that colleagues are supported. We also learn about the way they’ve created their new office building into a hub for both Stockport Homes and their customers. We speak about scrutiny and regulation and how the sector can embrace them in a way to improve itself. And finally, Helen and Carmel share actionable advice for future leaders in the sector, and how employers can better support them.

In this episode, we cover :

  • How Helen and her team were able to turn around Stockport Homes.
  • Keeping customer service at the forefront.
  • How Stockport Homes have kept up their multi-award-winning status.
  • The strategic decision that Stockport Homes made to invest in their new office.
  • Why scrutiny and regulation can be a good thing.
  • How to fit in prioritising staff with a focus on customers.
  • Advice for future leaders in the housing sector.