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Happy Colleagues, Happy Customers with Debi Marriott-Lavery

In this episode, former healthcare professional, Debi Marriott-Lavery, now Chief Executive at Magenta Living, shares with us the skills that she brought to the sector and her journey so far.

Magenta Living is a Wirral-based housing association that owns, manages and provides support to thirteen thousand homes across the region.

Debi previously saw herself as a ‘great number two’, as opposed to leader material. We speak about why this mentality can hinder progress and how she broke free from it.

Debi also speaks about her podcasting ventures. She currently hosts her second podcast, Beyond the Dots, which she recently launched. We speak about how creating content has benefited her as a leader.

Magenta Living champions its customers, community, and culture. Debi shares how Magenta Living empowers colleagues to take action and be willing to do right by customers.

It’s no secret that the industry and the country have had their fair share of challenges over the past few years. We ask Debi how she has maintained staff morale throughout these challenging times. And finally, we learn what 2024 and beyond has in store for Magenta Living.

In this episode, we cover:

  • Pushing past the ‘number two’ mentality and aiming for a leadership position.
  • The benefits that podcasting has had on Debi as a leader.
  • How Magenta Living connects with its customers.
  • How to empower colleagues to do right by the customer.
  • The 2024 roadmap for Magenta Living.
  • The challenges CEOs face in creating long-term plans.
  • The challenges we can expect to see in the housing landscape over the next few years.
  • How to maintain staff morale through challenging times.
  • How we can attract new talent to the sector.