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Elly Hoult, Group Director of Assets & Sustainability at Notting Hill Genesis

What does a housing association look like when it’s residents are placed at the centre of the organisation’s decision making?

Elly Hoult is Group Director of Assets & Sustainability at Notting Hill Genesis and a CIH board member. She’s been with NHG for around 6 years after starting out as an admin for a housing association. She quickly realised how great these organisations are, which ignited her passion for the sector.

In this episode, we find out how Elly made it to her leadership position. Elly offers invaluable, actionable tips on how people can put themselves in the position to get offered a senior role. We learn about NHG’s 3-part sustainability plan and what the future will look like in terms of the tech and skills needed to achieve net zero. Also, we discover how NHG uses a resident led approach when making key decisions. Elly’s passion for EDI comes up too, and we discuss the state of diversity in the sector.

We also tackle:

  • What are young people looking for in a career and how can we support them to choose housing as their first choice?
  • What will the homes of the future look like?
  • How can we address the skill gaps when it comes to sustainable tech?
  • The communication barriers around retrofitting homes.
  • What funding is available for achieving net zero?
  •  The challenges of green space availability and its use in cities.
  • How does Elly see the sector changing over the next 5 years?

Elly’s passion and eloquence around the topics of sustainability and housing makes for essential listening.