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Directing Two Housing Organisations with Harpreet Rayet

Harpreet Rayet currently holds the Managing Director role at TWO organisations – Shropshire Towns and Rural Housing and Cornovii Development. He’s been working in property development and housing for nearly 18 years and in this episode, we discover his story.

Harpreet stepped up as MD for STAR Housing as his first MD role. We dive deep into his experiences with taking on the ‘number one’ role and ask him what experience he was expected to have prior and what he needed to upskill in. Harpreet’s two roles keep him busy and we ask how he’s able to prioritise between the roles and ensure he retains a work-life balance.

STAR Housing is an ALMO, and we speak about the importance of their relationship with the local authority and how they’ve worked together to better support the local community. Harpreet offers advice for anyone looking to take on a leadership role in the sector and on how he’s putting together a board that’s right for the organisation.

Finally, we also look to the future and discover Harpreet’s long-term vision for both organisations. We also ask Harpreet what the future of development could look like with an impending change in government.

In this episode, we cover:

  • The skills required to move into an MD or CEO role.
  • How Harpreet manages to balance and prioritise between his two MD appointments.
  • Why many ALMOs are going in-house.
  • How Harpreet and his board brought the business into the modern era.
  • How Harpreet reintroduced and cemented the organisation’s values.
  • Putting the right board together.
  • Tips for future leaders in this challenging time for the sector.
  • Harpreet’s insights into what the future of development could look like with change in government.