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David Bogle, Chief Executive of Hightown Housing

The media loves to highlight the negatives of the housing sector, while much of the  good that housing associations do tends to fly under the radar.

In this episode, we sit down with David Bogle, Chief Executive of Hightown Housing. David has held the position for over 28 years and has spent even longer within the sector. David is a standout advocate for tackling homelessness in the UK. We tap into David’s experience and find out what’s evolved in the sector over that time and how the sector is doing what it can to help get people homed.

We dive into the housing crisis and while Hightown has exceeded its home delivery target for the year, David shares his thoughts on why we still need to continue building homes. We learn about Homes for Cathy and how Hightown has worked with the charity, Crisis, towards the end goal of ending homelessness.

David also gives us insights into what’s next for Hightown. He shares his thoughts on the challenges that large organisations that have gone through mergers face. And lastly, David gives his insight into what’s to come for the sector over the next five years.

In this episode, we cover:

  • What’s changed in the housing sector over the last 30 or so years?
  • Why it’s so important that we continue to build new homes.
  • Are we ever going to plug the housing crisis gap?
  • Why is now such a difficult time to be a chief executive?
  • What is Homes for Cathy all about and how can people get involved?
  • What can we do to fix homelessness?
  • The nine Homes for Cathy commitments.
  • David’s five-year vision for the future of the sector.