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Dave Richmond – CEO at St Leger Homes of Doncaster

We sit down with Dave Richmond, CEO at St Leger Homes of Doncaster in this episode to tackle some critical issues. Dave has an interesting story to share, pulling from his experience as a social worker for nearly 20 years, and his work in local government. We discover how these roles prepared him for and led him to the housing sector. Dave looks back on the drastic changes he’s seen within the sector and the housing market.

We dive into the affordability challenges that are holding people back from stepping onto the property ladder and the current state of the private rental sector. We speak about St Leger Homes’ shared accommodation scheme that provides homes to care leavers and how the local council has gotten involved. Dave also shares his thoughts on how the professionalisation of the sector could be a positive change, and what skills are needed today for those looking to enter the housing sector. In this episode, we cover:

  • How did working in local government prepare Dave for working in housing?
  • How has the housing landscape changed in Yorkshire?
  • Today’s affordability challenges.
  • Can professionalisation help the sector?
  • What skills does someone looking to move into the housing sector need today
  • The current state of private renting and social housing.
  • The damp and mould problem – the causes and solutions.
  • St Leger Homes’ care leavers housing scheme.
  • St Leger Homes’ work with the local council.