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Collaboration & Tech in Housing

Join us and a panel of industry leaders for a deep dive on collaboration and technology! Caithlin Knox hosts our second tech, transformation and change episode where we ask experts to bring their own questions to the table.

Our panel this week:

  • Jason Wickens – Interim CIO with expertise in social housing
  • Rajiv Peter – Group CIO of Notting Hill Genesis, responsible for technology, data and digital transformation
  • Simon Sharkey Woods – AD and CDIO of Slough Borough Council
  • Darren Ryland – Director of Technology and Transformation at Network Homes with over 15 years of experience in housing

Hear our panel’s insights on:

  • The benefits of collaborating with other organisations
  • What are the barriers stopping us from collaborating and adopting each other’s technology?
  • How do we attract or appeal to talent towards the technology and transformation space in the housing sector?
  • What behaviours are the most important to achieve good levels of collaboration?
  • How to encourage team members and others in your organisation to exhibit good behaviours
  • How the conversation around hybrid work can affect collaboration
  • How to get started with having conversations outside of our own organisations
  • The skills shortage in the tech space and how we can tackle it

Don’t miss this special episode. Discover how you could be benefiting from a collaborative approach.