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Colette McKune MBE, Group Chief Executive at ForViva

Colette McKune MBE, Group Chief Executive at ForViva, appears on episode 8 of The HIP alongside host James Leighton, Director of Andersen James.

ForViva’s motto is doing business in a way that gives back and uses profit for good. One way they do so is by reducing homelessness – which Collette says is not as easy as providing those at risk with a home.

“What you have to do is also support them to live in the property,” she explains. “We work with them and then support them with tenancy sustainment, getting a job and getting a new tenancy.”

Later on in the episode, Colette stresses the importance of a diverse board, explaining that embracing diversity and inclusivity has been essential in providing her organisation with different skills and perspectives.

She goes on to joke with James about accepting her prestigious MBE, making this episode both informative and fun.

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