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Charlie Norman, Group Chief Executive at Mosscare St Vincent

The home is the start of well-being and everyone should have a decent home. This is what Charlie Norman, Group Chief Executive at Mosscare St Vincent’s Housing Group believes. Our host, James Leighton, sat down with Charlie for an in-depth conversation on her values and her journey with Mosscare St Vincent’s.

Charlie has spent 30+ years in the housing sector and is driven to make positive change. She shares her insights on how she has reached her current position by always staying focused, being willing to take on challenges and genuinely caring about her work.

Mosscare St Vincent’s currently has around 9000 homes and 360 employees spread across the northwest. After it’s merger, Mosscare St Vincent’s re-imagined its corporate plan as “The MSV Way”, which focuses on people, planet and place. Charlie goes into what this means and how health and sustainability are incorporated into MSV’s housing strategy.