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Andrew Shepherd, Managing Director at TopHat

With rising costs and a growing need for new homes and sustainability goals that need to be met, does modular housing play a role in the solution?

In this episode, we speak with Andrew Shepherd, Managing Director at TopHat. Andrew shares with us his journey and gives us key insights into the behind-the scenes of Top Hat, and how its modular products are tackling the challenges people are facing today.

We learn about the changes that Top Hat has gone through in the last few years and the learning culture that Top Hat has ingrained to ensure that positive change is always being made. Sustainability has taken over cost as the number one driver of conversation for Andrew, and he shares how modern methods of construction (MMC) is essential in supporting people and the planet.

We also cover –

  • What are Top Hat’s core markets?
  • The benefits of modular over traditional building
  • How Andrew has built a strong leadership team and has given them the autonomy to deliver
  • Why has the number of people working in construction decreased?
  • The huge upfront costs involved with homebuilding and the importance of securing investment
  • Insights into Andrew’s time with Laing O’Rourke
  • The tech that’s building the homes of the future
  • How can we implement technology to increase productivity?
  • How Top Hat’s new factory is creating jobs and hugely benefiting the organisation’s growth potential

Don’t miss Andrew’s expert insights into sustainability and MMC.