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Aileen Evans – Chief Executive at Grand Union Housing Group

Grand Union Housing Group wants to be a force for good. And this is clear with their focus on compassion, kindness and open and honest leadership.

In this episode, we speak with Aileen Evans, Chief Executive of GUHG. The housing association provides homes around Buckinghamshire, Bedfordshire and Northamptonshire.

Aileen is also on the board of CIH and previously held the President position. She gives us insights into her tenure as president and how and why she made mental health her focus. We go deep into the mental health piece, speaking about how GUHG handled the pandemic and how they were able to provide office options that suited the needs of individuals.

Aileen shares some top tips on protecting your mental health so you can perform at your best and show up for your employees. We also speak about how we can  encourage our teams to protect their own mental health.

We also speak about the ways in which GUHG support their tenants as individuals in the ways that they need. And Aileen shares her ethos on leadership and culture.

Kindness and respect are the big themes here, as well as an open style of leadership that can help to create the leaders of the future and attract talent.

In this episode, we cover:

● Insights into Aileen’s President position with CIH
● Top tips on protecting your and your employees’ mental health
● Advice for instilling good mental health habits in our children
● What’s changed in the last 30 years for the sector?
● The power of open and honest leadership
● What is psychographics and its benefits over demographic segmentation
● Why did GUHG switch OFF their support chatbot?
● What has GUHG done to ensure its culture is flexible and inclusive?
● How do we make housing a career of choice for young people?
● What does Aileen want for the sector and GUHG?