Matthew Harrison, Chief Executive at Great Places Housing Group

For episode 7 of The Housing Industry Podcast (The HIP), host James Leighton is joined by Matthew Harrison, Chief Executive at Great Places Housing Group, where they discuss how Matthew used his background in development to succeed in a c-suite position.

Matthew tells listeners how he used his previous roles in housing development to his advantage as a chief executive. Aspects like excellent customer service, his involvement in managing products, and learning from mistakes ensured he was balanced in his approach as he climbed the career ladder.

Having completed a string of successful mergers, Matthew also advises our listeners about the importance of a good cultural-fit, suggesting that it’s now perhaps even more crucial than other requirements in the housing industry.

After touching on the subject of funding and settlements, Matthew explains how his organisation will be taking full advantage of the Homes England Funding 2021, saying his decision is a “no-brainer.”

Find out more about Matthew, and learn from his experiences by listening to the full episode.

If you’d like to contact either Matthew or James, you can do so by connecting with them on LinkedIn. 

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