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Predictions for 2021 

Posted 17/12/20

2020 has certainly been an unpredictable year, but we thought we’d attempt to predict what 2021 may hold. We know it’s a risky step, but here we go… 

Our team take a look at the key topics we think could dominate the housing and recruitment sector next year, as well as our future ambitions for Andersen James.  

The future of the recruitment market 

The future of the UK recruitment market will change massively in 2021. With the UK in recession, and rumours of a double dip recession, the jobseeker market will increase. As a result, businesses may find it a much more demanding task to handle their recruitment processes. Let us take control of your recruitment so you can focus on your other priorities from the business.

Diversity & inclusive recruitment 

“We’ve been supporting many of our clients with diversity & inclusive talent strategies, and we expect more companies will take their executive recruitment more seriously from this point of view. As a result, we will start to see the board room filled with more diverse people.” 

– James Leighton, Managing Director  

Emerging video technology 

“Due to the coronavirus pandemic, we’re already seeing an increase in the use of video technologies. While we love getting out and meeting people, it’s just not possible at the moment. 

We’ve recently invested heavily in a video platform, or as we call it, AJTV, which helps our candidates to sell themselves better. It also allows our hiring managers to get deeper insight into the candidate, rather than just reading their CV.”

– Dannie Brooks, Consultant  

“I also predict that emerging video technology will dominate the recruitment industry. More and more, we’ll see clients wanting to maximise their time through the use of automation that can be achieved through tech. Our latest automation and video technology involves 10 years worth of development, so we’re excited to use it to support our clients and candidates throughout the recruitment process. ”

– Steph Sloane, Client Solutions Director 

The future of the housing market 

Our housing market predictions for 2021 will see the sector look a little different than 2020. Many people are looking to adapt their living arrangements, having spent much of 2020 stuck in their own homes,

Whether it’s looking to achieve a better work / life balance, access to more garden space or having a dedicated home office, the housing market will continue to boom. 

“Even with the loss of stamp duty after March 2021, I predict it won’t affect the market. Demand will still be high as a result of a change in homeowner’s priorities, meaning house building will only get busier. We’ll also see a rise in the building of affordable homes.”

– Allicia Birch, Specialist Residential Recruitment Consultant 

“With £12 billion investment announced by UK Housing Secretary, Robert Jenrick in September 2020, I expect there will be further support and investment from the government to create more new build and affordable homes in the UK. This could also include a relaxation of the planning and land buying governance which would allow new build housing sites to start and be finished quicker.”

James Leighton, Managing Director 

Modern methods of construction 

“Modern methods of construction is one of the solutions for tackling the UK’s housing shortage. As a result, I expect more UK housing associations to engage with the National Housing Federation’s MMC ‘Building Better’ programme.

We’ll not only see more progression of this sector, but also an increased focus on achieving a sustainable future.”

– Tom Rosbottom, Senior Consultant 

“Modular construction will lead the way in terms of innovation and quality in the sector. More companies will turn to modern methods of construction to deliver better and higher quality homes at a faster pace.”

– James Leighton, Managing Director 


With £2 billion funding available for the creation of zero carbon homes, decarbonisation is a topic we expect to continue to dominate housing news throughout 2021. With ambitious targets of the UK becoming zero carbon by 2050, the time for housing and construction firms to make changes is now.

“Energy efficiency will be one of hottest topics and will likely see housing associations investing heavily in making their housing stock much more energy efficient.” 

– James Leighton, Managing Director

Read more about our thoughts on decarbonisation and carbon neutral housing here. 

AJ’s team ambitions for the business 

Here’s what our team hopes to see our business achieve in 2021! 

“Recreate our partnership model with more great companies in 2021. We can’t wait to give more of our client’s our world class experience and source the best candidates.”

 – Dannie Brooks 

“We’ll be the sole agency for a number of national and regional house builders”

 – Allicia Birch 

“Andersen James will expand our key accounts, run market-leading events on topics such as decarbonisation and affordable housing, grow our fantastic team, and provide our clients with the best possible service and delivery.”

– Tom Rosbottom 

“Andersen James to become the leading property recruitment firm due to our fantastic strategic partnerships model”

 – Andy Merrills 

Personal ambitions 

We’re an ambitious bunch here at AJ! 

“I would like to consistently exceed my targets and secure at least one promotion through my hard work and great results.” 

– Dannie Brooks

“I will be a manager and be working to grow our team” 

– Allicia Birch

“I’ll get a Miami trip as part of our 2021 incentive” 

– Tom Rosbottom 

“I’ll commit to another hobby (and hope it doesn’t fall through again)” 

– Andy Merrills 

“I’ll get a six pack again!!” 

– Richard Ollerton 

Here’s to 2021! 

And if you need support with your recruitment strategy, contact our team of experts today.