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How To Recruit the Best

Posted 25/06/18

At Andersen James we pay close attention to how our client’s recruit. Generally, the methods are fairly reactive, often a rushed and unimaginative ‘process’ following a last-minute scramble to convince someone not to leave because they’re a valued member.

The best processes are inevitably with those clients whose passion for their business shines through and those who are prepared to invest the time to share as much information, qualitative and quantitative, with their chosen recruitment partner.

We’ve been involved with a range of clients since we set up almost 3 years ago, ranging from plc contractors, Private Equity backed construction companies, owner managed start-ups and public-sector organisations. Experiences have, of course, varied, but those clients who are prepared to ‘hand over the keys’ to some extent often get the most reward. Whilst we encourage clients to develop their own innovative and unique processes sometimes it’s best to let the experts get to work.

And yet, whilst building our own teams of late, rather than assume we have all the answers, we’ve enlisted the support of said experts. Again, crucially they invested their time to come and join us in our offices in Manchester and Nottingham to see what the fuss is all about. We think they had a good time – they were with us almost 3 hours!! – and of course we were understandably passionate about our business and how each and every team member has a voice equal to any other member. We’re glad to say that this partnership seems to be thriving, with two new team members proving to be excellent hires!

There’s always interest when companies innovate or take a different approach to recruiting. Notable examples are perhaps the Mr Men angle from Timpson (which character most resembles your personality), or the chance to “play well” whilst interviewing with LEGO. VR headsets are increasingly common as is interview by text. Whatever the message and manner clients are rapidly learning that the interview is a two-way process; some would say given the lack of supply in the construction and housing industries that it’s increasingly a case of the candidate interviewing the employer.

With our own experiences the basics cannot be underestimated; a genuine interest in the company and in forging an open and transparent partnership and time invested to understand the nuances within the business, project and most important of all, it’s people.

Andersen James recruit across the Housing and Construction sectors and also provide a specialist Executive and Consultancy service. Please check out our new website and contact one of our specialist consultants to find out more.